Easily manage your account and services online with Fido My Account or through the mobile app 24/7. It's also a smart way to save yourself time and money - My Account is free to use!

Transactions marked below as ‘Self-Serve only’ are no longer available over the phone or through Live Chat.

Some transactions are account level and require authentication via My Account username and password credentials, while others are subscriber-level and can be accessed by all plan members.

Billing, payment, login & more

Only on

Register for My Account

Set up SMS Recovery Number

Update contact information (Billing email, Phone number(s), Billing language, Billing address) - Self-Serve only

Only on MyAccount App

Get Fido Xtra weekly offers

Available on & MyAccount App

Recover login details (Username, Password)

Make a one-time payment  (Credit Card) - Self-Serve only

Update payment method  - Self-Serve only

Check account balance

View or Print Your Bill With Online Billing

Postpaid Mobile Transactions

Only on

Change name display  - Self-Serve only

Change phone number

Report or remove lost or stolen devices

Update SIM card

Use the Fido Repair Program

Use the Fido Reservation System

Only on MyAccount App

Use Data Bytes

Device Toolbox

Available on & MyAccount App

View mobile usage

Add Data Add-on

Remove Data Add

Change voice messaging password - Self-Serve only

View plan details

Change monthly phone plan

Upgrade device

View your device balance

Network Help & Outages

Internet and Prepaid Mobile Transactions

Only on

View internet usage

Auto-Top Up (Prepaid)

Network Help & Outages