What is an eSIM Card?


An eSIM is a digital SIM that lets you activate a celluar plan without having to use a physical SIM card. For devices that support Dual Sim, an eSIM is leveraged to allow two lines or more on one device. To activate certain eSIM devices at Fido, you're required to scan a QR code to complete device activation. For these devices, an eSIM card like the one above.

New line

Step 1:Visit a Fido store or give us a call to activate a new line and request an eSIM Card.


Step 2:If you activated over the phone, once you receive your eSIM card in the mail, follow the on device setup instructions below to complete the setup.

Hardware Upgrade

If you would like to activate an eSIM as part of a Hardware upgrade, please visit your nearest Fido location.



Existing Line (Switching to an eSIM)

Step 1:Purchase a new eSIM card from a Fido Store or by contacting us.

Step 2:If you called to purchase an eSIM, once your eSIM arrives, you will need to change your SIM card number on MyAccount. Visit www.fido.ca/simcard and follow the instructions under “How to Update your SIM card” to get your sim card number changed.

Step 3:Follow the on device setup instructions below to complete the setup.


iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or later

Where do I purchase an eSIM card?

You can purchase an eSIM card by visiting a Fido store or by contacting us.

Can I activate an eSIM on any device with a term contract?

Only certain devices support eSIM activations. Please check your device specifications to check if it is eSIM capable. For devices that are eSIM capable you can activate an eSIM on any in market Fido plan.

What if I lose my eSIM activated device?

Please visit a Fido store to purchase a new device and a new eSIM card.

How do I switch between devices if I have an eSIM?

In order to switch devices with an eSIM, you will need to purchase a new eSIM or physical SIM card by either visiting a store or giving us a call. If you called to purchase, once you obtain your new eSIM/SIM card in the mail, you will need to follow the steps in the “How do I activate my eSIM Device?” section under “Existing Line”.