New to Fido? We've got you covered! Here's everything you need to get started.

Getting your device & services ready

Check out a device tutorial, track your order or learn how to transfer your number to Fido

Track your order

Connect with AskJack, to check the status of your order. Chat now!

Transfer your existing number to Fido

Easily bring your existing Canadian phone number to Fido using MyAccount. You just need a device or SIM and temporary number with us to begin.

Device tutorials

Learn more about your new device. Includes support and settings.

Using your device & services

Set up your Fido MyAccount, manage your voicemail and features, learn about your upcoming bill and more.

Set up your Fido MyAccount

Easily manage your account and services yourself online!

Set up your new voicemail service

Learn more about setting up your new voicemail service and never miss a message!

Change call display name

Change the name that is displayed when you make a call.

Review and manage your upcoming bill

Learn about reviewing your bill, how partial charges are calculated, setting up automatic payments and more.

Understand your bill

Learn how to review the sections of your bill.

How partial (prorated) charges are calculated

Learn what causes partial charges on your bill.

Set up automatic payments

Save time and never miss a payment with automatic payments, learn more now.

Set SMS bill notifications

Want to be notified as soon as your bill is ready? Learn how to get a bill notification through text message.

All the Fido Extras

Get more with your Fido service! Get weekly perks only with the Fido app and more.


New perks every Thursday, only on the Fido app.

5 Extra Hours of Data

Browse worry free with 5 hours of unlimited data.

Fido My Account

My Account, on the go

Download the Fido My Account app to track your usage, make a secure payment, use your Data Boost, redeem your Fido XTRA of the week and so much more!