How to configure an unlocked device

If you are using a mobile phone that you have purchased outside of Canada or from a different carrier, you should be able to use it with Fido as long as it is “unlocked”.

Things to Know

  • Your device must support at least one of our network frequencies to be compatible with the Fido network.
  • At this time, Fido does not offer access to a 5G network. However, 5G-ready devices are compatible with Fido’s existing mobile network.
  • Our network availability varies by frequency. Devices that support more frequencies, both within a network technology and across different network generations, will have access to more wireless coverage.
  • Also, keep in mind that some services (such as Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE) might not be compatible with all devices purchased elsewhere even if they have the right frequencies to connect to our network.
  • Our network supports the following frequencies:
Network technology Frequency Bands
2G (GSM/EDGE) 850 B5
3G (UMTS/HSPA) 850 B5

700 MHz

850 MHz

1900 MHz

1700/2100 MHz (AWS)

2600 MHz



B2, B25

B4, B66