Understanding partial (prorated) charges on your bill

When you activate a service or change your mobile or internet plan before the end of your billing cycle, you’ll see partial charges on your next bill. This means, following a service change you will see a onetime partial charge for your old services, and your new services on the next bill.

Here’s what you need to know about partial charges on your bill:

  • Your monthly billing cycle starts on the billing date assigned to you, and that billing date may not be on the same date your services were activated. 
  •  Your first Fido bill will include any partial charges for services from the activation date until your assigned billing date, as well as full charges for the coming month.
  • If you make changes to your plan or subscribe to any add-ons (that recur monthly), you’re charged for only those days that you’ve subscribed to it. 
  • Recurring monthly service charges will show up in the Monthly charges section of your bill, while partial charges for prorated services will be in the About your first bill or Changes since your last bill sections.

Here are some examples of when you would see partial charges (if made before your next billing cycle date):

  • Change your plan
  • Activate new service/line
  • Activate an add-on
  • Remove an add-on

Tip: If you wish to avoid partial charges, we recommend you make any add-ons or monthly plan changes on the first day of your billing cycle.


Your first Fido bill and your final bill will include partial charges, you can find more info here