Understanding Your Online Bill

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For info on the Usage Summary, Fido Payment Program details and the Setup Service Fee on your bill, check out this page.

So what’s changed?


  • Bill Highlights
  • Previous Balance
  • Service sub-section

In the Bill Highlights section: 

We’ve included the most important information at the top of your bill. support-online-bill-highligts-en

Section includes: 

  • Required payment date
  • Monthly bill total (includes taxes or previous balances. (Charges/payments incurred after bill date not included) 
  • Bill cycle date (date usage/charges reset each month)
  • Extra charges, credits, service notices, promotion end dates, and savings 


You can also click on the blue text links on your bill for additional details, and support.


In the Previous Balance Section: 

Any unpaid balances from your previous bill are displayed below your Bill Highlights section. support-online-bill-service-subsection-fr

Section includes: 


  • Total balance from previous bill
  • Any payments made towards your previous month’s bill
  • Subtotal for previous month’s balance

In the Service sub-section:

Every Fido service has a service sub-section, with info like outlining costs of your monthly plan, extra charges, Fido Payment Program details and the subtotal of the service outlined separately. support-online-bill-service-subsection-en

Section includes: 


  • Service type and description
  • Monthly plan total (including Payment Program Promotion credit)
  • Usage Summary
  • Other charges and credits (including partial charges and Fido Payment Program details)
  • Notifications related to each service. 


You can click on the blue text links on your bill for more details on your monthly plan and usage. 


Please Note: Only online bills generated after Sept 9, 2021 will display our new look and feel.