Your monthly Fido bills explained

On your Fido Mobile or Fido Internet bill, you’ll see:

  • Your balance for this month and the previous month
  • The total of all your recurring monthly service fees for your next billing period
  • Your usage fees for the previous billing cycle (e.g. Fido Mobile usage fees for talk, text and data or Fido Internet fees for extra data usage)
  • Account adjustments, if any
  • Hardware charges and credits, if any, such as a modem installation for your Fido Internet service
  • A Setup Service fee, if any, for mobile new activation or phone upgrade

Usage Summary

Fido Mobile: Under the usage summary section of your Fido Mobile bill, you’ll find a complete breakdown of your monthly usage, such as the data, talk and text usage included in your monthly plan, plus any long distance, roaming or additional data usage charges you’ve incurred.

Fido Internet: The summary section on your Fido Internet bill will appear only if you are over your data usage limit.

Fido Payment Program

You can find your Fido Payment Program details in the Additional charges/credits section of your online bill (or under that section in the .PDF detailed version). There you will see a chart with financing details for your phone including: Financed Amount, Payments Billed and Current Financing Balance.

Note: You'll find your Payment Program Promotion credit in the Monthly charges section, if applicable.

For more info on the Fido Payment Program click here.

If you have a Fido Mobile credit limit, you’ll be able to see the amount on your monthly Fido Mobile bill. For more info, check out this page about credit limit monitoring.

First Fido bill

Your first Fido bill will have a Setup Service Fee to setup your device and related services, a partial fee for services from your activation date until the end of your billing cycle, as well as full charges for the coming month.

For more info on partial charges, check out this page.

Charges for the coming month will include:

  • Your monthly plan/package
  • Your add-ons

Final Bill

On your final bill, you’ll find the charges for services you used until the cancellation date of your service. A Device Savings Recovery Fee (DSRF) will also apply if your service is cancelled before the end of a term. For more info, check out Fido's service agreement.