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Things to Know

  • A maximum of 15 characters can be displayed.
  • Incoming calls from an international number might show as "unknown number".
  • Blocked calls will appear as "Private Name/Private Number" or "Anonymous".
  • The Name Display feature (only available on Monthly service) shows the name you provided Fido when you activated your account to the person you are calling.
  • Name won't show on a call that’s being forwarded.
  • Text messages always display the number even if the display is blocked.
  • If your phone is not compatible with Name Display, only the phone number will appear. 
  • Want to change your call display name? This can only be completed online as a self-serve transaction through My Account. Just follow the easy steps below.

How to use Call Display with Name Display

Using Call Display & Name Display

  • Receive a call: You’ll see the caller’s name and number on your phone display.
  • Make a call: The person you’re calling will see your number and name in their phone display (if they have the same feature).

Block or unblock your number and name from being displayed

To block:

  • Temporary: Type #31#, free of charge, before each phone call.
  • Permanent: Consult your phone’s User Guide for the steps to follow.

To unblock:

  • Temporary: If name and number display is permanently blocked via your phone's menus, you can unblock it by dialing *31# before placing a call.


  • Permanent: Consult your phone’s User Guide for the steps to follow.

Using your Call and Name Display while traveling

In Canada on the Fido Network:

While in the U.S. or Internationally

  • This service is generally available where there is a network supporting it. See our U.S. or International coverage maps.
  • The information may not always be shown or it may be shown in the international dialing format (+1 and 1 digit number).

Changing your call display name

Changing your call display name for outgoing calls is easy, and can only be done online through Fido My Account. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your Fido My Account online.
  2. Click View Usage & Manage behind the number you want to change call display name
  3. Select Change call display name.
  4. Type in the new name you’d like to be displayed for your outgoing calls.
  5. Click Update, then click Done.

That’s it! You’ll see your new call display name within 24 hours.


When I place a call my outgoing display name is spelled wrong

  • A maximum of 15 characters can be displayed.
  • Names with accents are not always displayed.
  • If you called us to change your name, it may take up to 48 hours before it is changed.


If you notice a spelling error in your name, contact us

My call display doesn't display the caller's phone number

  • Not all plans have Call Display included. Consult My Account to verify.
  • Name display is not always available when roaming outside of the Fido network.

If you see the following, it means the person calling has blocked their number or the telephone system used by the called did not send the information to show the number:


  • Unknown Number
  • Private Number
  • Confidential Number
  • Withheld Number
  • Call


Although the name is stored in the phone book, only the number is displayed

  • Verify if the number is stored twice with two different names in your phone's phone book. When this occurs, the phone may not know what name to display. If this is not the case contact the phone manufacturer.
  • When storing a number in your phone book ensure you always enter the country code with area code.

I’m unable to reach the number that was left on my call display

  • Some numbers cannot receive incoming calls (for example a payphone).