How to change your prepaid plan

Things to Know

  • If you change from a By the Day, By the Month or By the Year plan to any other plan, you lose any unused portion of the previous plan and the new plan is effective immediately.
  • You cannot combine 2 different prepaid plans.

Step 1: Use our Automated Voice Response (IVR) system: dial 611 free of charge

  • Note: You will need your PIN to make this change. Your PIN was sent to you by text when you originally activated your service. You can also reset your PIN by dialing 611.

Step 2: After selecting your new plan, ensure your account covers the fees of your new plan, otherwise your plan will become inactive and you will be charged pay-per-use rates instead.


  • Note: Your anniversary date will be updated to reflect the activation date of your new price plan. Any add-ons that are not compatible with your new price plan will automatically be dropped (e.g., if you were previously a By the Month talk and text customer with a data add-on and you switch to a By the Month talk, text and data plan, your data add-on will automatically drop from your account).