How to change your phone number

Monthly service

First, keep in mind:

    • Your account balance must be in good standing for you to change your wireless number.
    • A $50 charge applies if you change your wireless number through a customer care representative. Changing your wireless number is free when you self-serve on Fido.ca.
    • You'll need to set up a new voicemail and greeting, and saved messages cannot be transferred to a new number.
    • By changing your phone number during your billing cycle, your airtime minutes, add-ons and monthly plan charges will be distributed between your old number and new one.

To change a wireless number -

  1. Sign into your Fido My Account at Fido.ca.
  2. Click View Usage & Manage right behind the number you want to change for.
  3.  Scroll down to QUICK ACTIONS and click Change my number.
  4. Select the Province and City for the number, then click FIND AVAILABLE NUMBERS.
  5. You'll be given a list of numbers to choose from. Choose one, then click NEXT. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the phone number change process.

Review Your New Number and then select CONFIRM.

Prepaid service

Things to Know

  • If you are not sure if your new phone number will incur long distance charges, consult the current local calling areas page.
  • There's a charge for changing your phone number unless you're changing it because you're moving to a different region (outside your current local calling area).
  • If you have a voicemail, you'll lose all your saved messages as well as your greeting message, voice signature and access code. Once the change of phone number is completed, you'll need to set up your voicemail again by choosing a new access code and recording a new greeting message/voice signature.
  • Telephone number changes are effective immediately. You will receive an email and a text message once the change of phone number has been completed. Simply power your phone off, and then power it on again.


Simply contact Customer Service by dialing, free of charge, 6-1-1 from your Fido phone or 1-888-482-3436 from any other phone. We will make the phone number change for you.