Delayed response to mailed inquiries

I sent an inquiry to Fido by mail. What happens to my letter?

The health and safety of our customers, employees and communities is our top priority. Due to COVID-19, many of our employees are currently working remotely with no access to our mailrooms. This means there will be a delay in our response to any letter sent to us after March 22, 2020.

If you sent us a letter recently or are thinking of writing to us, please contact us through:


Can I expect a response to my letter? When can I start sending mail again?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to guarantee a response time given the current situation. We encourage you to use our free online services if you’d like to make a payment or make changes to your account more conveniently. 


For quicker response to any of your questions, please contact us through chatphoneFacebook Messenger or Twitter, or by visiting fido.ca/contactus. There’s also our community page, fido.ca/community, where you can get support from our helpful Fido community 24/7.

I received a message about downloading a COVID Alert app. Is this spam?

No. The message is legitimate and sent on behalf of the Government of Canada.

I received a message about a COVID Alert app, encouraging me to download it. Can I get some more information about it?

The message was sent on behalf of the Government of Canada. For more information please contact 1-833-784-4397 or refer to the following government website for the News Release titled “New mobile app to help notify Canadians of potential COVID-19 exposure now available”

Mobile/Wireless services

Are any changes being made to the Device Return and Exchange Program?

Yes. We’re making the following changes to better serve our customers:


Why have I received a message from Fido on behalf of the Government of Canada?

You are currently travelling abroad and the Government of Canada has asked that we send you this message on its behalf in light of the current public health situation:

Fido Msg: This is a message to Canadians traveling abroad from the Government of Canada.


Registering online will help the Government contact you: bit.ly/3b8SM5A
For emergency assistance, email sos@international.gc.ca or call +1 613 996 8885
You can also contact a Canadian embassy or consulate: bit.ly/2TXpVvo
You can find travel advisories here: bit.ly/2x62Uxz

Where can I get more information about the Government’s recommendations for Canadians currently travelling abroad?

Please visit the links or contact the phone number in the text message you received. You can also visit the Government of Canada’s website directly at Canada.ca.

What can I do if I am having network connection issues?

Unfortunately, network issues do happen from time to time and your service may be affected.


To find out if there’s a service outage in your area, please visit the Network Help & Outages page.

Home Internet services

I’m on a limited home internet plan with a data usage cap. How do I check my internet usage to make sure I don’t go over my data limit?

The temporary lift on data usage caps (March 13-June 30, 2020) has ended and you can now visit fido.ca/myaccount to check internet usage for your account anytime. You can find more details here.


We’ve also got helpful tips on data usage notifications and managing internet usage . For internet packages with unlimited usage, please visit fido.ca/homeinternet.


Are Fido stores and locations open?

Our Fido stores remain open to serve you for essential services, with enhanced safety measures in place.

The health and safety of our customers and team members continues to be our top priority. We’re closely monitoring the unique situations in each province and city and following guidance from your provincial governments to ensure we can safely provide essential services to Canadians when and where they need it.


See our Store Locator for more information.

What measures are being taken inside Fido stores to keep customers safe?

Here are some of the measures in place to keep you safe:

  • Increased cleaning of common areas
  • Frequent, thorough handwashing
  • Frequent wiping of all surfaces
  • Practising physical distancing – limited number of customers allowed in-store at a time
  • Temporarily cashless – only credit and debit cards accepted


When visiting a Fido store, please follow your local and provincial government guidelines on wearing face coverings or masks and other Personal Protective Equipment. You can also contact your local Fido store for our most up-to-date information on in-store safety procedures.


I am a Fido prepaid customer. Where can I go to top up my account?

Customers can top-up through Fido My Account online online using a voucher or credit card. Alternatively, there are over 10,000 essential retail locations across Canada where you can purchase a Fido voucher, including:

Grocery stores

Loblaws, Provigo, Maxi, Sobeys, IGA, Super C, Metro, Walmart, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Food Basics, Fresh Co, Fortinos, Zehrs, Safeway, Adonis

Drug stores

Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix, Jean Coutu, Uniprix, Proxim, Pharmachoice, Familiprix, Brunet

Gas Stations

Esso, Petro-Canada, Shell, Husky, Pioneer, Canadian Tire Gas+, Ultramar, Groupe Harnois, Chevron, Provi-Soir, MacEwen, Mobil

Convenience stores and Others


Gateway Newstands, 7-Eleven, Rabba Fine Foods, Hasty Market, Daisy Mart, Mac's, Couche-Tard, Circle K, AMDEQ, Quickie, Dépanneur 7 Jours, Zesty Market, Canada Post, Boni-Soir