How can I make sure I’m eligible for the promo code?

Before you redeem a promo code, check all the requirements and details of the offer. This may include eligible plans, offer expiry dates, regions or areas where the discount applies, and more.

If you’re using your promo code online, you’ll receive a confirmation in your shopping cart before you finalize your order. This validates that the promo code was added to your cart.

Where can I get promo codes?

Promo codes are sent directly to selected customers as part of marketing campaigns. They’re usually sent by e-mail or text message.

Can I share my promo codes?

No, promo codes cannot be shared. If a particular promo code is shared or posted on websites or social media, the code will be disabled.

Do promo codes apply to certain transactions or purchases?

Yes, promo codes only apply to:

  • New wireless activations
  • Adding a new line to a current plan (online transactions only)

I’m shopping online. Where do I enter my promo code?

During your online transaction, you can enter your code when you reach the Build Your Plan page.

Can I reuse my promo code multiple times?

No, each promo code can only be used once.

How will I know if I’m using the correct promo code for my online purchase?

When you enter your promo code on the Build Your Plan page, you’ll immediately see a short description of the promotion you’ve unlocked.

What happens if I return my order? Can my promo code be activated again?

If you return your order, the promo code you used for that purchase cannot be reactivated and isn't reusable.

I want to do an exchange on an order where I used a promo code. Will the offer still apply?

Yes, the promo code will still apply but only if the exchange meets all the requirements of the promotion. Otherwise, the promo code will be disabled.

I lost my promo code. Can you send me a replacement code?

Unfortunately, we cannot reissue new promo codes or retrieve lost codes.

Why was my promo code declined online?

If you entered your promo code on the Build Your Plan page and received an error message, your promo code may be invalid. Here are some reasons:

  • Your promo code may be expired.
  • It may have been used before.
  • The maximum number of customers has redeemed the particular offer.
  • You entered your promo code incorrectly.
    Tip: promo codes are NOT case sensitive, but please make sure you enter or type the correct character or number.

I used a valid promo code, but I still don't see my discount applied. What happens now?

If you didn’t receive an error message about your promo code, then your code will apply to your transaction. If you’re unsure if the discount was applied, don’t worry -- it will be reflected on your next invoice.

How can I check if my promo code is still active?

When shopping online, the Order Summary section will display the discount amount associated with your promo code. If you’re still unsure if the discount was applied, it will be reflected on your next invoice.