STIR/SHAKEN technology for authenticating callers - FAQs 

Here’s what you need to know about STIR/SHAKEN, a mandatory set of protocols to help reduce caller ID spoofing.


STIR (Secure Telephony Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information using tokens) is a technology for authenticating a caller’s identity. It’s mandated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (“CRTC”).

When STIR/SHAKEN is implemented by both your phone carrier and a caller’s carrier, it helps validate whether incoming calls are being spoofed.

How does STIR/SHAKEN help me?

Even if it doesn't block calls, STIR/SHAKEN helps validate the calling number to reduce spoof phone numbers from coming through your line.

What is a spoofed call?

Spoofing is when a caller deliberately changes or falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity, sometimes for unethical reasons.

Can I opt-out of STIR/SHAKEN?

No, STIR/SHAKEN is a CRTC-mandated service that applies to all Canadian customers.

What will I see on my device?

If you have a compatible device and both carriers support the STIR/SHAKEN framework, your device will display “Number Verified”. Keep in mind that the experiences may differ across device types.

What devices support STIR/SHAKEN?

  • Samsung smartphones with Android OS 11 or newer*
  • Pixel 6 and newer
  • TCL 30, Flip or newer
  • Motorola G Power, Edge, Edge 5G or newer
  • iPhone 6S or newer**

* Excluding A10e, A20, A50, A70

** iPhone currently displays the verification in the call history

What does it mean if I don’t see a “verified” indication on a phone call?

This doesn't necessarily mean that the call is a spoofed call. It may mean that the caller’s carrier is not yet capable of implementing STIR/SHAKEN, or your device isn’t compatible.

Will there be any changes to my bill?

No, there will be no changes to your monthly bill and no costs associated to this service.

Will STIR/SHAKEN apply to landline phone services (home phone, business phone) as well?

Yes, STIR/SHAKEN applies to landlines if the call is completed on a next-gen (IP) telecom network.

If you need help with this feature, check with your phone’s manufacturer. You can find out if your phone set can display the “Number Verified” message or if they offer one that does.

Will STIR/SHAKEN apply if my phone is on roaming within Canada?

No, STIR/SHAKEN will not work while a device is on roaming.

I’m still receiving SPAM calls from numbers that appear legitimate. Why?

STIR/SHAKEN only looks to highlight calls that have been verified. Unfortunately, it won't prevent or block SPAM calls. Learn how to protect yourself against spam calls.

What about calls between 3rd party apps (i.e., WhatsApp, Viber, etc.)? Does STIR/SHAKEN work on these, too?

No, the STIR/SHAKEN framework doesn't apply to these types of apps.