How to fix internet connection issues: Fido modem support

Can’t connect to the internet? If you can’t browse websites or if you’re unable to stream, follow these simple steps to help restore your connection.

Step 1: Check if you can access another website or if other devices in your home have connection.

  • If you can access other websites, then the issue may be with the site you’re trying to visit. You can try again later or if the issue persists you can contact us by visiting this page.
  • If the other devices in your home can access the internet, the issue is with the device you’re using. Try restarting the device and contacting the manufacturer for help if you still can’t connect to the internet on it after the restart.
  • If you can’t access the internet at all from any device, continue to the next step.

Step 2: Check your Fido modem.

If the lights are off, the modem doesn't have power.

  • Make sure the power cord is attached securely to the modem. Also, make sure it’s plugged in at the other end and any power bar is still turned on (if used). If needed, try another outlet as well or plug another device into this outlet to make sure it’s still providing power.
  • If the modem still won’t turn on, you can by visiting this page. But, if it does, wait 5 minutes and see if you have access again.

If the power light is solid green and all other lights are off:

  • Unplug the gateway and plug it back in. Wait at least 30 seconds to see if the light directly below the power light turns on and begins flashing.
  • If only the power light turns on again, contact us.

If the arrow pointing up (away from the floor) or the arrow pointing down (towards the floor) is flashing green, the modem is either unable to receive a signal or send a signal back to the network. When this light pattern is constant, follow these steps.

  • First, make sure that the coaxial cable is still screwed tight to the modem and the wall outlet (if it doesn’t come straight into the premises).
  • Unplug the gateway, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Wait at least 5 minutes to see if the top 4 lights will turn on and the @ turns solid green.
  • Remove any unnecessary splitters or other hardware from the coaxial cable connection. These can weaken or block the signal from the gateway as it tries to reach the Fido network controllers.
  • If the arrow pointing up is still flashing greencheck our Network Help & Outages page for any outages and to connect with our virtual assistant AskJack for more help.

If the @ light is solid green, the modem should be online and providing internet access.

  • Unplug the modem. If you’re using your own router or mesh solution, unplug those, too.
  • Plug in the modem, wait for it to be online (solid @ light). Once it’s online, plug in your router or mesh solution (if used) and wait for them to restart. Then try to access the internet again.
  • If you still can’t access the internet, try restarting any phones/tablets/computers to force them to reconnect to the network; try again.
  • If you still can’t access the internet, by visiting this page.

For any issues not covered here or if you need further assistance, please contact us.

Step 3:  Check for outages.

If none of these steps have worked, check out our Network Help & Outages page for support or connect with our virtual assistant AskJack.