I heard Fido is investing in its wireless network. What does that mean for me?

To ensure that the Fido network is keeping up with our customers, we are increasing the capacity of our existing cell towers and building new cell towers across Canada. These investments mean you will benefit from:

  • an even stronger Fido network that today covers 97% of Canadians,
  • more LTE network connections, and
  • increased VoLTE coverage providing a seamless Wi-Fi Calling experience.


At Fido, we are committed to delivering plans that are easy on your wallet on a network that keeps up with you, anytime.

Does Fido have a 5G network?

At this time, Fido does not offer access to a 5G network. However, 5G-ready devices are compatible with Fido’s existing mobile network.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is a way to make crisp High Definition voice and video calls that connect in the blink of an eye over the Fido LTE network vs historical 2G or 3G networks. Find out more about VoLTE here

Can all devices benefit from your network investments or will I get a better experience with certain device types?

Your network coverage and quality may improve today in areas where upgrades have taken place or new cell towers have been built. To experience better quality voice and data service, you will need a compatible 4G LTE / VoLTE device. Visit your local Fido store for more information.

Do these investments mean you will be expanding to new places in Canada?

We are making enhancements to our existing network areas. Today the Fido network covers 97% of Canadians from coast to coast and Fido customers can go even further with Wi-Fi Calling, extended coverage, and abroad with Fido Roam.

Where can I get updates on the network and the investments you are making?

By using NetworkAid, a tool in the Fido My Account app and available on fido.ca, you can check the real time status of the Fido network for outages and maintenance, provide feedback on your wireless network experience and get updates on network upgrades in your area.

Network investments have happened in my area but I haven’t noticed a difference – why?

Generally reception may be affected by various factors, including network system availability and capacity, your wireless device signal strength, topography and environmental conditions:

  • Terrain, building and structures, concrete and steel both indoors or underground can impact coverage.
  • The speed you’re moving can also impact reception as constant change in position can affect the quality of your signal.

Other factors may include:


  • Some network investments are laying a foundation and preparing the network for future technologies; you may have an optimal speed experience today with speeds that meet your needs for today’s smartphone use and won’t see a difference.
  • Some network investments benefit devices with LTE and VoLTE, which your device (i.e. 3G/HSPA) may not have; you can visit your local Fido store to confirm if your device is compatible.
  • Your device may not be performing optimally. To troubleshoot your device, use the Device Toolbox (accessed via the Fido My Account app) or visit your local Fido store. You can also give your feedback using NetworkAid in the Fido My Account mobile app or on fido.ca

How much of Canada does the Fido wireless network cover?

The Fido network covers 97% of Canadians. Wi-Fi Calling and extended coverage keep you connected in even more places.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?