Can I get Premium Device Protection plans with devices on the Fido Payment Program?

Yes! You can get Premium Device Protection plans for our devices financed through the Fido Payment ProgramTM, including iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

When can I add a Premium Device Protection plan to my account?

You can add Premium Device Protection plans to your account within 60 days of purchasing and activating a new device or upgrading to a new Fido device.

What Premium Device Protection plans do you have, and how do they differ?

We offer two Premium Device Protection plans:

  1. Premium Device Protection for Apple featuring AppleCare Services, which is available only for iPhone 5 or later and iPad.
  2. Premium Device Protection for Android, which is available for all Android phones and tablets.

Both plans offer comprehensive protection for accidental damage, device repair as soon as the same day, and replacement if your device is lost or stolen.* Plus, your first broken phone screen is repaired on us as long as there’s no other damage to your device!

* Loss/theft protection is not available in Quebec.

Are there any additional fees for my Premium Device Protection plan outside of the monthly fee?

Yes. We apply repair and replacement processing fees for the following services once your service request is approved. Please note that you can’t use prepaid credit cards to pay any processing fees:

Device/Plan Premium Device Protection for Apple featuring AppleCare Services Premium Device Protection for Android
Phones Screen repair: $39*
Other repair: $129
Replacement for loss/theft: $150 – $400**
Screen repair: $39*
Other repairs: $129
Replacement for loss/theft: $150 – $400**
Tablets Repair: $49
Replacements for loss/theft: $150 – $400**
Repair: $49*
Replacements for loss/theft: $150 – $400**

For more details about our processing fees, please visit

* The processing fee is $0 on your first phone or Android tablet screen-break repair as long as there is no other damage to your phone.

** Replacement processing fees vary between $150 – $400 depending on your device cost. Loss/theft protection not available in Quebec.

If I sign up for a Premium Device Protection plan, am I “locked in” until the end of my wireless contract?

Not at all! Our Premium Device Protection plans are offered on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel at any time without cancellation fees.

I enrolled in a Premium Device Protection or Device Protection Lite plan before May 5, 2021. Is anything changing for me?

If you signed up for Premium Device Protection or Device Protection Lite before May 5, 2021, there may be some changes to your protection. Please visit for further details.