How do I submit a service request? Is there a limit to the number of times I can get my device repaired or replaced?

Submitting a service request online is easy with our how-to guide.

However, there are some limits on how many times you can get your device repaired or replaced:

For iPhone and iPad: You are eligible to receive unlimited accidental damage from handling and warranty malfunction Service Requests and 1 replacement for loss or Stolen

For Android phones and tablets: You can get up to 3 fulfilled service requests for your protected device in a rolling 12-month period, including up to 2 repairs for accidental damage from handling and/or out-of-warranty malfunction and 1 replacement for loss or Stolen. Once you reach this limit, your Device Protection will be cancelled and you will no longer be charged.

If my device is replaced or repaired, will Device Protection still apply to my updated device?

Yes. Your replaced or repaired device is still protected as long as you are enrolled in the Device Protection plan.

How long does it take to get a repair?

Repairs typically take 1-2 weeks.

If I need to get a replacement device, will it be the same make and model as my original? Will it be brand new or refurbished?

Your device will be replaced with one of like kind and quality with comparable features and functionality to your original device. Replacement devices are new or refurbished at the program’s discretion and depend on what we have available.

Our Android replacements come with a 1-year warranty and our Apple replacements come with an ongoing warranty for as long as you remain enrolled in a Device Protection plan.

If my device malfunctions within the original warranty period, should I file a service request through Fido or contact the manufacturer directly?

If your device malfunctions within a year of purchase, follow the Fido in-warranty repair process at fido.ca/servicerequest or visit a Fido Store to start a repair service request.

My device was lost, stolen, damaged, or has started malfunctioning outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period. When should I file my service request?

If you have a Device Protection plan, you should file a service request as soon as something happens to your device so that you can get reconnected as soon as possible.

If I have Device Protection and upgrade my device, will the protection apply to my new device or my old one?

If you already have Device Protection and get a new device or add a line through Fido, confirm that you want your protection to continue and the new device will be protected.

However, if you switch devices in a different way (such as just putting your SIM card into a new phone you bought from a third party), you will have to cancel Device Protection on your old device and enroll your new device.

If you replace a device through Device Protection, your replaced device will be protected.

Are there any conditions surrounding getting the first broken phone screen repaired at no extra cost?

You’ll get your first broken phone screen repaired at no extra cost as long as there’s no other damage to your phone. After your first broken phone screen, all other broken phone screen repairs will incur a processing fee of $39. If your phone has any other damage in addition to a broken screen, the processing fee will be $129.

What repair options are available for my device?

Once you’ve started a service request, you can choose from the following options to repair your device:

Mail-in: You can mail your device in for repair.

Walk-in: All Fido stores can help mail out your phone for repair.

Mobile technician visit: You can schedule an appointment with a mobile technician to visit you at your location.*

*Mobile technician visits are currently available only for Android devices. Your repair options are dependent on your device, your location and the type of damage. Your options will be presented to you when you submit your service request.