Welcome to ASKJACK, our virtual assistant. We’ll help you with any question that you may have about Fido products and services. Available 24/7, ASKJACK is ready when you are!

To learn more about how ASKJACK can help you, check out this video:

How do I find ASKJACK?

To chat with ASKJACK:


  1. Go to fido.ca/support.
  2. Look for the ‘Live Chat’ button or the ASKJACK icon.
  3. Start your chat session!

How do I use ASKJACK?

Once you’ve started a chat session with ASKJACK, you can simply enter your question or choose one of the available options.


If you need to restart your session at any time, you can also select ‘Start Over’ from the 3-dot menu located on the bottom left hand side of your screen.

How can ASKJACK help me?

ASKJACK can help you with general questions about Fido products and services. Here are some examples:


  • View your Fido bill
  • View your usage
  • Set up your Voicemail
  • Make a payment

What if ASKJACK can’t answer my question?

If ASKJACK is unable to help, you’ll have the option to chat with a real human.


You can also ask to speak with a human agent at any time during your chat session with ASKJACK, just type ‘Agent’ or tap on the ‘Chat with an Agent button’.

Can I chat with ASKJACK in French?

Absolutely! ASKJACK is available in both French and English.

How can I schedule a callback with ASKJACK?

When you call into the Fido call center and follow the prompts to speak to a live specialist for further support, you’ll receive an SMS with a unique link. This link will allow you to start a session with the virtual assistant, ASKJACK. Then, simply enter your question and ASKJACK can assist with instant answers and even schedule a callback for further support.