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Text Messaging

Everybody's doing it!

Exchange discreet text messages from your Fido phone with other Fido customers or any mobile user all across Canada, the U.S. or around the world. You can even send text messages to several users at the same time. Save by adding one of the following Messaging Add-ons below.

Using a Prepaid service? Learn more about Text Messaging Prepaid pay per use rates and Add-ons.

How much it costs:

Canadian Text Messaging
Text message sent from Canada to a Canadian wireless number
25¢ per message sent
200 text messages
Unlimited text messages
Incoming texts
Overage Usage
25¢ per message sent
International and U.S. text messages
Each message sent from Canada to a US wireless carrier
40¢ per message sent
Each message sent from Canada to an international wireless carrier (i.e. out side of Canada and the US)
40¢ per message sent
25 international and U.S. text messages
50 international and U.S. text messages
250 international and U.S. text messages
500 international and U.S. text messages
Incoming texts
Overage Usage
40¢ per message sent

Travelling? Take a look at our Travel Packs for the US and for the International.

Learn more about Text Messaging and how to use it in our Get Support section.

See full details

When sending a text message to a customer of an international wireless carrier, add the + symbol and the country code before the number.

Not all phones are compatible. Check your phone manual for details.

New countries and carriers are added regularly. Visit this section often to get the latest updates.

Sending a text message to someone who is not with a listed local operator may result in your message not being delivered, but you may still be charged for the text message sent.

There is no guarantee of actual delivery or delivery within a specific period of time, as local operators are constantly changing. Messages not delivered after 72 hours will be deleted. The available countries and local operators are updated on an ongoing basis and are subject to change without notice. Maximum message length is up to 160 characters. If your text message is over 160 characters, it will be divided and sent in two or more messages. Each divided text message sent will be charged at the current rate, debited from your plan or from your text message add-on. If you have per line call blocking on your account, your phone number will still transmit as part of a Fido Text Message. Additionally, you may experience inconsistencies in message delivery if the receiving party is roaming off their home network or has recently changed service providers while maintaining their original phone number. This is a limitation of the International delivery network, not of Fido's network, and we regret any inconvenience this may cause. Dedicated International Text Messaging add-ons are now available, as International text messages are not included in the standard Text Messaging add-ons. Not including premium messages (3rd party alerts, content, contests and promotions).

Taxes and other charges are not included.


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