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Use your Fido to do more than just talk.

Text Messaging

Exchange discreet text messages from your Fido phone with other Fido customers or any mobile user all across Canada, the U.S. or around the world.

Extreme Text Messaging

From sending a text to a distribution list, to creating a personal signature to blocking unwanted texts, Extreme Text Messaging features let you do so much more with text.

Text to Home Phone

Send a birthday greeting to grandma, let your parents know you'll be home late or even text your sweetheart goodnight easily and discreetly.

Text from the Web

Send Fido customers 2-way text messages, verify message delivery, and review recent messages - right from your browser.

Premium Text Messages

Premium messaging is an option used to purchase messaging programs or subscribe to them, provided by third party content providers (not Fido) at premium rates.

Email to Text

Fido Email to text service allows you to receive email sent to this address right on your Fido.

Picture and Video Messaging

Send pictures and videos to any wireless customer in Canada, the US and to select international destinations or to any email address around the world.

AMBER Alerts

When a child is abducted, everyone feels the loss. The early stage of the investigation is critical. Information obtained quickly through an AMBER Alert may assist in the safe and swift return of an abducted child.
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