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Data Passes – One-time fee

Data Passes are great if you want to try using data services for the first time or if you only plan to use data a couple times a month on your mobile phone. If you reach your data limit or your pass expires, you’ll be notified and given the option to purchase another one.

Note that Data Passes are only available to customers who are on voice-only plans.

Phones and Smartphones
Data Day pass (24 hours) $1 20 MB1
Data Week pass (168 hours) $5 100 MB1
Data Month pass (31 days) $ 10 200 MB1

If you would like to add a Data Pass, it's quick and easy to do directly from your Fido phone. Here's how.

Add a Data Pass

To purchase Data Day/Week/Month Pass, just launch your internet browser and you’ll be asked to
purchase a Data Pass when you browse to any chargeable website before you can continue.

Or text YES to 3282 and receive a direct link to purchase!

See full details

Offers subject to change without notice.

  1. Includes 24 hours/168 hours (a week)/31 days (a month), as indicated, from time of activation for on-device mobile browsing, email, Instant Messaging, and application usage, excluding tethering (use as wireless modem), on select Fido-certified devices. See for more details.

Usage subject to Fido Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy.

1GB = 1,024 MB; 1MB = 1,024 kB

Not sure which
Data Add-on you need?

We can estimate your monthly usage
for you

Click here
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