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Billing and Usage

Your monthly bill explained

On your Fido bill, you will be able to see the totals for your individual services, the balance for the current and previous months, account adjustments, if applicable, summary of your monthly usage for calls, texts messages and data transmission, as well as your FidoREWARDSTM balance.

If you have a credit limit, you will be able to see your current preset spending limit amount on your monthly bill. Read more about Credit limit.

Under the Fido usage summary ending section, you will find a complete breakdown of your monthly usage, e.g. over bundled minutes of your monthly plan, incurred long-distances calls, data usage, the content download, etc.

Thanks to this information, you will be able to consult the rate you were billed for and amount of units you have used.

To better understand your first and final bill:

First Fido bill

Your first Fido bill includes a partial fee for services from the date your Fido was first activated until the end of your billing cycle, as well as full charges for the coming month.

Charges for the coming month will include:

Final bill

On your final bill you will find the charges for services used until the cancellation date of your service. An Early Cancelation Fees (ECF) or Device Savings Recovery Fees (DSRF) will apply if the term of your Agreement is not completed. For more information, visit our Service agreement.

See full details

Charges will commence on the date of the initial activation of the Services or the Equipment, whichever is earlier (the “Activation Date”).