Text to Home Phone

Text to Home Phone allows you to send a text message to a landline number in Canada or US that will be automatically converted on a voice message. 

Things to Know

  • You can use acronyms and emoticons in your messages. For instance, when you text "B4" the voice will say "before". Texting ":-)>" will be heard as "happy".
  • To get a list of song titles and references when you are on the go, send a free text message to 465645 with the word song!.

To send a text message to a home phone number

  • Go to the Message menu.
  • Select Text, then New message.
  • Write your message using the alphanumeric keypad on your phone.
  • Press OK.
  • Enter the recipient's 10-digit home phone number, including the area code.
  • Press Send.
    • On first use, if message written in English, press "E" when prompted ("F" for French messages).
    • The language setting will be kept for future Text-to-Home Phone messages until you change it.
  • A Text Message confirming successful or unsuccessful delivery will appear.
    • If unsuccessful, Text Message will state reason:
      • Not delivered
      • Invalid number
      • Fax number
      • Busy line
      • No answer
      • Message registered in voicemail inbox

To reply (recipient)

After listening to your message, they have the option of recording a 30second reply. You'll then receive a confirmation text message with a 1 800 number to call to hear their message. The system stores up to 10 unheard reply messages for five days.

Change message language

You can write a message in English, for example, and have your recipient hear it in French. To do so, before composing your message, send the text message "E” for English to the number 465645. To convert messages from French to English, press "F” and send to the same number.

To send a song

You can add music to your Text to home phone messages or simply send a song and make someone smile. To add music to your message, in the body of the text, add the song reference between two exclamation points (!).

  • Example: Happy Valentine's Day Chantal.!love! Love, Peter.

Here is a selection of songs you can send along with your message:

Occasion Song name Song reference
Birthday It's Your Birthday Today !bday!
Christmas We wish you a Merry Christmas !christmas!
Good night Twinkle Twinkle Little Star !twinkle!
Love Music-Love song !love!
New Year's Auld Lang Syne !Newyear!
Party Hip Hop Happy !50s!
Party Happy 60's !60s!
Party We're Gonna Party !party!
Party Dancin' Nights !disco!

Using your Text to Home while travelling

In Canada on the Fido network:

This service is available anywhere on the Fido network.

While in the U.S. or Internationally:

The service is available anywhere in the world where there is a network supporting text messaging. See our roaming rates and coverage maps while traveling.