Set up a personal hotspot on an Android

A personal hotspot is a great way to share your phone’s internet connection with your friends or with your home computer or tablet when there’s no access to Wi-Fi.

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Setting up a hotspot

First, keep in mind:

  • The hotspot feature uses data from your Fido Mobile plan when turned on. In some cases, it may use up data even faster. Depending on your plan, overage charges or reduced speeds may apply.
  • Some instructions may change depending on the Android version you’re using.


  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap the Network tab. This tab may be labelled as Connections on some devices.
  3. Tap Tethering
  4. Tap Wi-Fi hotspot
  5. Toggle the Wi-Fi hotspot on.
    • If you’d like, you can change the Wi-Fi network name and password or set the number of users by tapping Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

Connecting to a hotspot

  1. Open the Wi-Fi options on the device or computer connecting to the hotspot.
  2. Select the hotspot to connect to.
  3. Enter the hotspot password when prompted.