Things to know when you travel

Fido offers an extensive international coverage, thanks to our international roaming agreements with more than 650 operator networks in more than 185 destinations around the world.

Roaming Tips

Here are some roaming tips to help you stay in control of your roaming charges on your next trip outside Canada:

  • Turning data roaming on/off:
    • Most devices have an option to turn data roaming turned on or off. If data roaming is turned off, you won’t be able to use data services even if you have purchased a Travel Pack that includes data. If you want to use data while roaming, make sure that you turn data roaming ON. You can find this under devices settings.
  • Changing your email settings from “push to “pull”:
    • Emails can automatically download to your device without direct action from you. If you do not need to be alerted immediately by an incoming email, set your device so that it only downloads new emails when you manually check it. Instructions on how to do this are specific to each device. However, you can typically find this under the “settings” menu on your device.
  • Turning off applications running in the background:
    • On some devices, applications can run in the background even if you’re not using them. These applications can consume data without direct action from you and lead to unexpected charges. Stay in control of how and when you use data by shutting off applications that you are no longer using.
  • Keeping track of your data roaming charges in real-time:
    • Text USAGE to 3330 at any time for your data roaming pay-per-use and/or Travel Pack data overage charges. This text message is free of charge.


Note: If you have been subscribed to Fido for less than 90 days, you will be restricted from calling outside the country you are visiting (except for calling back to Canada). If you plan to make international calls from anywhere outside North America, call 6-1-1 free of charge from your Fido phone or 1-888-481-3436 to activate international calling. If your account has a credit limit, click here to know more about the possible restrictions.

Using a LTE device?

LTE technology is currently available for compatible LTE devices in select travel destinations. Outside of LTE coverage areas, Fido LTE devices will seamlessly fall back to 4G HSPA+ or EDGE technologies where data roaming is supported. Check out if your travel destination has LTE coverage here.

What you need to know...

Compatible phones and frequencies

Always check the coverage availability and the network frequencies of your destination to make sure that your phone will work. Not sure what frequencies your phone or device supports? Verify your phone frequency. If its frequencies are not compatible with the network you will be using, you can consult our great selection of phones and buy one in a Fido point of sale. Don't forget, you can even use your FidoDollars™ to reduce the price of your new phone!

Also, don't forget to check the electricity voltage of your destination and buy and adapter for your phone charger if needed!

Roaming to Japan and Korea?

You’ll need a Fido device that supports a HSPA 2100 MHz frequency in order to connect to a local network. If your device does not support it, we recommend that you rent a phone at a Japanese or Korean airport directly. Simply insert your Fido SIM in any unlocked rented phone and you will be ready to go!

Once you arrived at your destination

To fully enjoy your roaming experience, read the following information:

  • Your phone might not automatically recognize international networks. If that's the case, you can perform a manual network search on your phone. For assistance, consult your user guide.
  • If the area is covered by more than one operator, your phone will connect to the first network detected.
  • You will also receive a welcome message from Fido with some helpful information.

Using your Fido services while traveling

Making calls

While outside of Canada, the way you usually dial change. Please refer to the following chart to see the dialing patterns:


Canadian Dialing Pattern

Local call Long distance call
Dial area code and 7-digit phone number Dial "1" plus area code and 7-digit phone number

U.S. Dialing Pattern

Local call Long distance call Overseas call
Dial area code and 7-digit phone number Dial "1" plus area code and 7-digit phone number Dial "011" then country code plus city area code plus phone number

International Dialing Instructions

Local call Long distance call to Canada or the U.S Long Distance Call to Another Country
Dial local phone number Dial "+" then "1" plus area code and 7-digit phone number Dial "+" then country code and phone number

Using data

If you would like to continue using data on your phone when you’re abroad, make sure to turn data roaming “ON” when you land at your destination. Data includes browsing the internet, streaming media online, accessing e-mail, instant messaging, online gaming and any application that uses the internet to get real-time information (eg. weather app, newsfeed, widget, etc…).It is recommended that you avoid tethering your device while roaming as this will incur very high data usage.

As usual, if you are planning on streaming or downloading heavy content, it is recommended that you use a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Using your services


Not sure if your text messaging will work or how to use your voice messaging while being outside Canada? Visit our Add-ons section to see how each of your services will work while travelling!

Contact us while travelling

You can always count on us even while you travel outside Canada! If you need technical assistance or for any matter regarding your account, you can reach us by dialing:

From the U.S: Dial 1-514-933-3436, free of charge from your Fido phone.
From abroad: Dial +1-514-925-4590, free of charge from your Fido phone.


You can also call us from a landline if you are having technical difficulties with your Fido. We accept collect calls.

Why can’t I track my voice or text usage while roaming?

While our travel packs and data roaming rates provide real-time data usage alerts, we’re unable to offer this for voice or text usage as it can take up to 30 days for our roaming partner networks to provide this info.

Note: If you’ve purchased a travel pack, you’ll get discounted rates on voice and text if you go over your usage.