What is the Fido Refer A Friend Program?

When you refer a friend to Fido, and both you (“referrer”) and your friend (“referee”) meet all eligibility requirements, you’ll both receive a bill credit equivalent to one month of your mobile plan (minus any existing applicable credits or promotional discounts).

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Who qualifies for Fido Refer A Friend Program?

As the person making the referral (“referrer”): You must be an existing Fido customer on a Data, Talk and Text or Talk and Text postpaid plan, and your account must be in good standing for 30 days.


As the person being referred (“referee”): You must become a new Fido mobile customer activating a new Fido mobile number on an in-market Data, Talk and Text, or Talk and Text postpaid plan after having unlocked the Fido Refer a Friend offer, and have your account in good standing for 30 days.

Who can I refer?

You can refer anyone who meets all eligibility requirements. Also, to ensure compliance with Canada's anti-spam legislation, you must have a personal or family relationship with those that you refer. That is, you're either related to one another or it would be reasonable to conclude that you have a personal relationship with the person (and in each case the relationship includes direct, voluntary, two-way communication).

When is the referral process completed?

After a referred friend (referee) unlocks their reward and activates their Fido mobile service, they must submit their new Fido phone number (or the existing phone number that they’ve transferred from a previous provider*) on their referral page (which the referee can view by following the ‘Submit my number’ link in their ‘next steps’ email or through the link shared with them over social media). This will complete the referral process for both referee and referrer.


*Important: A referee transferring an existing phone number from their previous provider cannot submit the temporary Fido phone number given to them during the transfer process. If a referee submits the temporary Fido phone number, the award for both referrer and referee will not be authorized.

How long will it take to receive my reward?

Once a referral has been verified (which takes approximately 30 days) the reward will be authorized. Depending on when the referral process is completed, both referrer and referee should receive the reward within 2 to 3 billing cycles. If you’re eligible to receive multiple rewards for multiple referrals, only one reward will be applied to your account per month. Additional rewards will be applied in subsequent months.

I’m a new customer that was referred to Fido, and it's been 30 days since I activated my eligible service. Why don’t I see the reward on my bill?

To receive the Fido Refer a Friend reward, you must have completed all referee steps (see When is the referral process completed?).


Once you’ve completed these steps we’ll verify your new Fido mobile account. Then, depending on your billing cycle date, the award will be applied by your second or third bill.

How many rewards can I get?

While the Refer A Friend Program is running, you can earn up to 5 referral rewards per calendar year, beginning with the date you were issued your reward. Referees get their first reward for being referred and are eligible to earn up to 4 additional rewards per calendar year for referring friends.

How do I register for the Fido Refer A Friend Program if someone has referred me?

If you received a Fido Refer A Friend email or message through social media, simply click on the link to the referral page and follow the instructions to get started.

I’m not on an eligible Fido postpaid plan. Can I participate in the Fido Refer A Friend Program?

To qualify as a referrer, you need to be on a Fido Data, Talk and Text or Talk and Text postpaid plan.

What happens if I change my plan or cancel my Fido service?

As a referrer, you must be an existing Fido mobile customer on an eligible postpaid plan with an account in good standing for 30 days. As long as you (and the referee) meet all eligibility requirements you qualify for the Fido Refer A Friend Program. If you cancel your Fido service, your right to earn Refer A Friend Program rewards will be forfeited.

The person I referred deleted their referral email or no longer has the social media posting. What should I do?

You can resend a Fido Refer A Friend invite by visiting fido.ca/refer. Be sure to sign into My Account first.

Do referrals expire?

Yes. Referral emails and social media invitations are valid for 45 days.

How do I check the status of a referral?

Those who’ve referred a friend can easily check the status of all their referrals. Simply visit fido.ca/refer and select Check status.

Will I get a reward if I become a Fido mobile customer right before someone refers me?

No. To be eligible for a reward, you need to be referred first to unlock a Fido Refer A Friend offer.

What if I change my Fido mobile number after I register for the Fido Refer A Friend Program?

If you change your number, you’ll need to have the new number updated in your Fido Refer A Friend profile to continue to be eligible for Fido rewards. Simply contact the Fido Refer A Friend Program support team to have your profile updated.