Certain numbers can be important, especially when you need help, need a phone number, or need to complete a call properly. Fido has put together a list of Quickdials for you, so you don't have to do the work!

Emergency services

9-1-1 Emergency services

Fee varies depending your province, no airtime charges. Learn more

*4141 Quebec Provincial Police Free, for use in Quebec onl
*16 Canadian Coast Guard Free

9-8-8 – Suicide Crisis Helpline

Call or text 9-8-8 (toll-free, 24/7) if you’re thinking about suicide or if you’re worried about someone you know. You’ll be connected to a responder to get help without judgement. Learn more about 9-8-8. Note: calls or texts made to 9-8-8 won't show up on your bill.


#AUTO (#2886) Roadside assistance services Airtime charges apply
#TAXI (#8294) To reach the first available taxi company or the one of your choice Monthly plan subscribers: $1.75 per call, airtime charges apply. Prepaid service customers: $1.75 per call
2-1-1 Confidential multilingual access to information about the full range of community, social, health and government services** Free. Airtime charges apply
*222 Emergency roadside assistance for CAA members Free
4-1-1 You can access the 4-1-1 directory assistance, from any Canadian city. All information is provided by the 4-1-1 operator and not sent in a text message to your Fido. $4.25 per call, airtime and long distance (if applicable) charges apply.
5-1-1 Provides up-to-the-minute information on traffic conditions, incidents and driving times* Free. Airtime charges apply
1 (area code) 555-1212 Directory assistance for most of the Caribbean $1.50 per call, airtime charges apply
7-1-1 Message Relay Service for the hearing impaired Free. Airtime charges apply.
8-1-1 Access to non-emergency health services*** Free. Airtime charges apply.

*Only available in the provinces of Nova Scotia and Quebec

**Only available in Stony Plain, AB; Parkland County, AB; Spruce Grove, AB; Strathcona, AB and Edmonton, AB.


***Only available in the provinces of BC and Quebec

United Way

2-1-1 (United Way) Community reference line: shelters, home care, alcoholism, immigration, food banks, etc. Available in Ontario only. Available through landlines and all wireless phones 24 hours a day. Airtime charges only

Block display of your number

#31# (+ phone number) To block display of your Fido number Free