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What is a Monthly Data Add-on?

A Monthly Data Add-on offers you the flexibility to add more data anytime, without having to change your plan or term. It’s a great way to easily manage your changing data needs and also limit pay-per-use data overage charges. A Monthly Data Add-on can be added before, or even after, you go into overage through the Fido My Account App on your phone or on Fido.ca. The Monthly Data Add-on will be added to your account immediately, and will stay on your account every month until you wish to cancel it. You can cancel a Monthly Data Add-on anytime when you no longer need it.


*Not compatible on plans that include Data Overage Protection. Basic plans excluded.

Why did I receive a text with invitation to add more data?

This notification is sent when you have used 90% of your data and again when you have used 100% of your data. When you receive these notifications, you may want to add a Monthly Data Add-on to avoid incurring pay-per-use overage charges. You’ll also receive a similar notification when you have used 70% of a purchased Monthly Data Add-on.

Why purchase a Monthly Data Add-on instead of paying for pay-per-use data?

A Monthly Data Add-on can help you stay in control of your data and prevent pay-per-use data overage charges. You can also add more data in your current bill cycle for a set price.

Should I buy a Monthly Data Add-on or change my monthly plan?

A Monthly Data Add-on offers you the convenience of adding more data without having to change your plan and it can be added in your current bill cycle. You can purchase and cancel a Monthly Data Add-on anytime right from your mobile device and it’s a great way to limit overage charges and manage your changing data needs. If you think you’ll need more data long term, the best option is to look into changing your plan to one that better suits your data needs.

Can I buy a Monthly Data Add-on once I am in overage?

Yes, you can purchase a Monthly Data Add-on anytime, even after you have gone into overage. However, keep in mind that any data overage charges incurred before purchasing this add-on will remain on your account, so it is best to purchase the add-on before you go into overage. We will also send you a notification when you have reached 90% and 100% of your data limit so you can purchase more data before going over.

How many Monthly Data Add-ons can I purchase?

You can have up to 10 Monthly Data Add-ons per line at any given time. However if you are approaching this limit, we probably have a plan that better suits your needs, so please contact us to discuss your options.

How do I cancel a Monthly Data Add-on?

You can cancel your Monthly Data Add-on anytime by texting CANCEL to 222