Device Tune-Up

With Fido Device Tune-Up we can help set your phone up for maximum performance from the time you get it until it’s time for you to upgrade. Whether you need help with set-up, updates, backing up, restoring or repairs, we can give your new or old phone the boost it needs while you wait, so you don’t have to part ways with it.

Just got a new phone? Our reps can:

  • Activate your SIM card.
  • Transfer your contacts, email and media.

Had your phone for a while? We can help:

  • Make your phone run faster.
  • Backup, reset and restore your device.
  • Fix the battery or broken buttons.

Things to know

  • This is a free in-store support service
  • Available in all Fido stores – find a store
  • Available to all existing Fido customers with authorized Fido devices
  • Non- Fido devices can still access Device Tune-Up, but the tool is limited to 2 functions:
    • Transfer (of data and contacts from one device to another)
    • Device HealthCheck.
  • The warranty is not affected by the Device Tune-Up tool

What content can be backed up, transferred and restored?

Unfortunately, not all content can be backed up, transferred or restored as functionality varies from one handset to another, and from one OS to another. Software issues can also impact the process. We recommend that you back up your content elsewhere prior to the Device Tune-Up service.

Where is my data stored during the transaction?

Your data is temporarily stored in an encrypted format on the store computer for Reset and Flash transactions only. After the transaction is complete, the data is restored to the device and deleted from the store computer.

What content can be backed up, transferred and restored?

The tool performs a variety of functions which will be used to try and resolve your issue. The Device Tune-Up process will be conducted in the following order:


  1. Device HealthCheck – Provides a summary of the device details such as battery usage, storage, and so on, to quickly diagnose if immediate changes can be made to optimize the device.
  2. Reset – Restores the device to the manufacturer settings with the option to back up content.
  3. Flash – Reloads the manufacturer’s operating system to the device.

Why is there a Device Tune-Up app on my phone after the service?

Device Tune-Up may load a temporary application to perform certain actions. The application is deleted once the action is complete. However, an icon may remain on the device’s home screen for up to 5 minutes. It can also be removed manually.

What if my issues continue even after Flash?

If Device HealthCheck, Reset and Flash were run but the issue is not resolved, the problem could be hardware-related. The next step would be to send the device for repair where it will undergo a complete inspection. Standard repair process would apply.

Does Device Tune-Up affect my manufacturer’s warranty?

No, your warranty is not affected by the Device Tune-Up tool. It does not extend the warranty and if the phone is rooted, it does not reset your warranty status. You are still responsible for all out of warranty costs associated with sending your device out for repair.

What happens if I don’t want to wait in the store during the Device Tune-Up process?

We recommend that you remain in the store until the process is complete as your approval may be required to move forward with some actions.

What if my data was lost and nobody warned me that that could happen?

Unfortunately, once the transaction is complete and the data is deleted from the store computer, we are unable to retrieve your info. We apologize if there was any miscommunication on the risk of losing data prior to plugging your device into the Device Tune-Up tool.

What if I keep experiencing issues or my phone seems to be functioning worse after Device Tune-Up?

We are happy to offer you the following options:

  1. Retry the Device Tune-Up process.
  2. Send your device for repair.
  3. Connect you with a Customer Service representative.

What if my phone gets bricked during Device Tune-Up service?

If Reset or Flash renders your device non-functional, there was likely an underlying issue with the device that was either software- or hardware-related and would have eventually occurred at some point anyway.

We are happy to offer you the following options:

  • Courtesy phone and repair services
  • Provide you with upgrade options.
  • Connect you with a Customer Service representative.

How long will the Device Tune-Up process take?

The average transaction time is 5 to 15 minutes – however, it can run longer depending on the OS, software version, and how much data is on the device (1GB of data takes approximately 5 minutes). The Device Tune-Up tool will provide the transfer time and size estimate for each transaction so you will be notified of the total anticipated wait time in advance.

What happens to my apps?

Once a reset or flash has been completed, apps can be retrieved from the app store from which they were originally downloaded. Please note that apps cannot be transferred from one OS to another.


Not all functionalities are available on all devices. Please visit a store and consult one of our specialists to find out what functionalities are available on your device.

View the Fido Device Tune-Up Terms and Conditions .