FidoTRADE Program FAQs

Trading in a device with FidoTRADE is easy. Learn how below.

What COVID-19 measures should I be taking?

You are required to sanitize the trade-in device before returning it to us, whether you’re handing it over to a service representative in one of our retail stores or shipping directly to our warehouse.

How to trade-in a device with FidoTRADE

  1. Visit fido.ca/fidotrade and search for the device you want to trade in. Answer a few questions about your device to get the estimated trade-in value.
  2. If you want to continue with the trade-in, select Start a Trade then sign in to My Account.
  3. Click Agree, to accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  4. Under the Devices tab, select the device you want to trade in.
  5. Follow the steps to perform a diagnostic test and complete the Device Questionnaire. If you’re unable to run the diagnostic test, click Unable to Run Fido My Account. Keep in mind we can only confirm an exact trade-in credit after we receive your device and run the diagnostic test. Once you accept the trade, you’ll get an email summarizing your next steps.
  6. Before sending your device, back up your data, do a factory reset, then remove the SIM and memory card.
  7. Send us your device within 30 days.

Once we receive your device, we’ll inspect it and complete the final assessment. You’ll receive an email confirming the final trade-in value along with additional information about the delivery of your bill credit.

Alternatively, you can also do this while buying a phone online or by visiting a Fido store.

How do I find out what my device is worth?

You can get a quote for the trade-in value of your phone or tablet by going to fido.ca/fidotrade

The quote value assumes that your device turns on, that you have removed all account information on your device, and that the touchscreen works and isn't cracked.

Devices that don't meet all of the criteria may be eligible for lower trade-in values. If your device is not eligible for a credit, we’ll recycle it for free.

We work with a third-party vendor to determine the value of all devices.

What devices are eligible for trade-in?

You can trade in phones or tablets from any carrier. To find out which models we accept visit fido.ca/fidotrade

What do you look for when determining the trade-in value of my device?

We work with a third-party vendor to determine the value of all devices.

We look for three things when determining the maximum value of your device:

  1. That it turns on.
  2. That the touchscreen works and isn't cracked, and
  3. That all account information on the device (eg: iCloud/Find my iPhone credentials) have been removed.

My phone has a cracked screen, so does it still have any trade-in value?

This will depend on the make and model of your phone. We recommend bringing it into a participating Fido store so a representative can confirm the amount, if any.

We recommend you answer the questions in the Device Questionnaire to confirm if your device has a trade-in value.

Can I trade in more than one phone at a time?

No. We only accept one trade-in device for each new activation or upgrade on a personal plan.

What security measures are taken to ensure my data is eliminated from my trade-in device?

We recommend that you back up your data and then remove all account information on your device before you send it to us. For your security, follow the manufacturer’s steps on how to back up and delete all personal data on your device.

We’ll also wipe the device when we receive it; however, we are not responsible for any loss or recovery of personal data.

Do I need to bring in all the accessories that came with my phone when I trade-in?

No, you only need to bring the device itself to get the trade-in credit. Any other items, such as chargers and accessories, can be brought in and we will recycle them for you.

Do I get to keep my memory cards from the trade-in device?

Yes, we recommend you keep all memory cards before you trade in a device.

How will I get the credit for my trade-in device?

You will receive a bill credit. The bill credit will take 2-3 billing cycles to process.

I just upgraded, and the credit on my monthly bill doesn't match the credit on my receipt. How do I fix this?

Contact us so our customer service representatives can help you. Be sure to have your corresponding receipt information available.

Can I get my old device back if I change my mind?

No, all trade-ins are final and are shipped back to our vendor's central facility on a regular basis. It's important to back up or download all of your important messages, photos, music and other content before you trade in your device.