Network Enhancement and Temporary Home Internet Outages

We’re enhancing our network to increase our capacity and capabilities in various areas and neighbourhoods across Ontario to make sure our Home Internet service keeps up with the growing needs of our customers. Check out the FAQs below to learn more.

How will these enhancements affect my Fido Home Internet service?

As part of the construction process, your Home Internet service will have up to 2 scheduled outages and will experience intermittent interruptions during these times.

If you’re not a Fido customer, but your internet provider uses the Rogers/Fido network to provide your service, you might want to contact your provider to learn more about the impact these enhancements could have on your service.

How long will I be without my Home Internet service?

There will be up to 2 scheduled service outages between 8am and 4pm. However, you will be notified ahead of time with an automated message.

Will I know about the outages in advance?

Of course! Here’s how we let you know:

  • 2 weeks before construction
    • You’ll get a Rogers-branded door hanger if you live in a house/townhome, or a lobby notice if you’re in an apartment building or condo, with more information.
  • 5 business days before first scheduled outage
    • We send an email advising you of the upcoming outage.
  • 2 business days before first and second scheduled outage
    • We will notify you by phone or text advising you of the upcoming outage.

Will Fido need access to my property to complete the enhancements?

Construction planned for 2022 should take place mostly on municipal land so we should not need access to your property. However, if we do require access, we’ll contact you in advance to get your permission

Rest assured, we won’t require access to the inside of your home to complete our work.

Will my alarm system work during the outages?

If you have an alarm system, you might want to contact your security provider to discuss your options if your alarm requires an internet connection to work and does not have a cellular backup feature.

Will Fido repair any damages to my property caused by the enhancements?

Absolutely. If there’s any damage to your property as a result of our network enhancements, we’ll repair the damage and restore your property to its original state. If this happens, contact us at 1 844 492-9224.