I forgot to make one payment. What will happen to my services?

If you missed a payment, you may be subject to late payment charges, and your services may be suspended. If you’d like to make a payment or a payment arrangement, please sign into Fido MyAccount. To make a payment arrangement, select Promise to Pay and follow the steps.

Stop worrying about missed payments with Automatic Payments! Set up Automatic Payments through your credit card or bank account and we’ll always notify you when your bill is ready.

Why is there a Late Payment Charge on my bill?

A late payment charge on your bill indicates that your account has an unpaid balance from a previous bill. 

If we don’t receive payment for the amount due on your account by the required payment date on your bill, we apply a late payment charge that’s accrued daily. You’ll be charged for every day your payment is late, until the date you pay your due balance in full. 

Timelines for payments to reach us may vary depending on the method of payment used. 

The fastest way to pay your unpaid balance is through Visa Debit, Debit MasterCard, or credit card. Just sign into Fido MyAccount, choose make a payment and follow the prompts. 

Alternatively, for Mobile accounts, you can make a One-Time Payment without signing-in through our Virtual Assistant, by typing Make a payment.  

If you’re set up for Automatic payments, on your scheduled withdrawal date we will charge any unpaid and outstanding amount, including any late payment charges, from the pre-authorized payment method on your account (example, a credit card or bank account withdrawal). 

What if I have difficulties making payments?

If you can’t make a payment by the due date but you would like to make specific payment arrangements, please sign into Fido MyAccount, select Promise to Pay and follow the steps. 

If you don’t pay your past due amount and don’t make a Payment Arrangement, your services may be temporarily suspended and subject to a Suspension Fee or an Account Processing Fee.* 

* Suspension and Account Processing fees are not applicable to residents of Québec.