Can we change your mind?

We heard that you’re thinking of cancelling your Fido service.. A quick call might be all you need to stay.

We want to exceed expectations by providing you the best products and service. We never want to see you go, so we’d love to have the chance to make things right.

How to get in touch

Contact us so we can make things right or help you through the cancellation process. 1-844-885-1901

Why you should contact us

We’ll need you to give us a call so we can process your cancellation request and ensure you are informed of any details relating to your account.

Did you know?

The Fido Terms and Conditions page has all the details about cancelling your service. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Read all about it.

Want to come back?

Changed your mind about leaving? Just contact one of our advisors at the number above to come back to Fido.

What to expect after cancelling your Fido mobile services

When will I get my last invoice?

After you cancel your smartphone plan, your final bill will be generated on your next regular billing date. You will get an email when your final bill is ready for you.

What is included on my last invoice?

This final bill will include:

  • Your remaining monthly service fees
  • Any unbilled charges such as roaming and data overages
  • Any balance remaining on your device subsidy

What if I cancel in the middle of my billing cycle?

If you cancelled in the middle of a billing period, you will receive a prorated refund for monthly fees. This amount will be refunded to you by cheque, which usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.

What happens to my Fido My Account profile?

Your Fido My Account profile will be active for an additional 12 months after cancellation. This way, you can review your past bills and pay your final bill online.