How does the Automatic Payments Discount work?

When you select a plan that’s eligible for the Automatic Payments Discount and set up automatic payments, you’ll receive a monthly discount of $5 on your bill.

I signed up for automatic payments. Why am I still not getting the discount?

To benefit from the Automatic Payments discount, you must be registered to an eligible plan. For more details and complete list of our plans, go to: fido.ca/plans

If you would like to keep your current plan, you can still benefit from the advantages of being registered to Automatic Payments such as: 

  • Peace of mind: Save time and effort knowing your bill is automatically paid on time every month 
  • No more late payment charges: Your bills will always be paid on time, eliminating late payment charges.
  • It is safe and secure: You don’t have to worry about giving your card details each time.


I am signed up on an eligible plan. Why am I still not getting the discount?

Please make sure that you’re also enrolled in automatic payments. The discount is only added when you are enrolled in automatic bill payments and on an eligible wireless plan.

I am already signed up for Automatic payments. Will I get the discount?

The Automatic Payments Discount is only available on eligible wireless plans. If you want to take advantage of this discount, you’ll need to change your plan to one that’s eligible. If you wish to keep your current plan, you can continue to enjoy the other benefits of automatic payments which include the peace of mind of knowing that your bill is paid on time every time and no more late payment charges.

I am on an eligible plan and did not select Automatic payments while activating the service. Will I be eligible for the discount if I set up automatic payments now?

Yes. You can still take advantage of the Automatic Payments Discount at any time if you’re on an eligible wireless plan. Simply set up automatic payments on your account and the discount will automatically be added to your account.

Will I get the discount on all the lines on my account?

The discount will only be applied to the line which is on an eligible wireless plan. If all lines on the account are eligible, then they all will receive the discount.

Can I get the discount by changing or activating an eligible plan on one line on my account? Or do I have to change all the lines to an eligible plan?

You’ll only get the discount on the line which is on an eligible wireless plan. If you wish to receive the discount on all your lines, then they’ll all need to be changed to an eligible wireless plan.

What happens if I'm registered to Automatic Payments and my credit card expires? Will I lose the discount?

You will be notified 30 days in advance to update your credit card information before the discount is removed.

What if I change the method of payment later? Will I still be eligible for the discount?

Changing your payment method online removes the Automatic Payments Discount. We confirm the discount removal the next day by text message.

If I register for Automatic Payments, how will I be alerted about unusual usage that could increase the cost of my bill unexpectedly?

  • You will receive a notification letting you know your bill is ready before your payment withdrawal date. You can then review it before your payment withdrawal date. As well, unlimited wireless and residential plans have removed overage charges, leading to more consistent monthly bills. 
  • Every month, you will receive an email and/or an SMS notifying you that your bill is ready, and the amount due.  This will be 15 days before the preauthorized payment is processed. 
  • A breakdown of the charges, and notifications of rate increased, will be included on the invoice.