Access and Pay Bills After Cancellation

  • Former Fido customers who have cancelled their accounts can still access their bills online (for up to 18 months) and make payments online. If you already registered your Fido account online through My Account, simply log in to view past bills and make payments.
  • If you transferred responsibility for your Fido account to a secondary account holder, you can still view and pay past Fido bills online, but your access to other account features will be limited. Just log in with your email address or phone number (email address is the recommended method). If you cancelled the main line on an account that has multiple lines linked to it, then you’ll need to register the account using one of the secondary lines.
  • If you cancelled your account and it wasn’t registered online, follow the steps to register. Once you’re all set up, log in to My Account and link your Fido account to your profile.