How does Voice ID work?

Voice ID is a new service that keeps your Fido account secure by using your unique voiceprint to authenticate you. When you call us, one of our agents will capture your voice with our Voice ID system and create a voiceprint. The next time you call, we should be able to identify you by your voice.

What’s a voiceprint?

A voiceprint contains the unique properties of your voice – like the shape of your vocal tract – which we use to measure your voice when you call.

What happens if I’m sick? Can you still identify my voiceprint?

Your voiceprint should work even when you have a cold. Every voiceprint has over 100 different voice characteristics and a cold only affects a few of them. If you have a health condition that affects your voice, like laryngitis, voice authentication may not work. But we can still authenticate you with other security questions.

How secure is Voice ID?

Your account and personal information will be secure with Voice ID. In fact, voice biometrics reduces the risk of fraud compared to other authentication methods, like PINs, passwords and security questions.

Can someone steal my voiceprint?

Any digital voice recording that we store is encrypted and only works with our system. Your voiceprint can’t be used to access other systems or be reversed engineered.

If someone records my voice, can they access my information? 

This probably won’t happen in a live agent-caller interaction. With Voice ID, authentication occurs during the natural course of a conversation. If someone plays a recording of your voice, the conversation likely wouldn’t flow. And if we suspect fraud, we’ll deny access to your account.

Is my voiceprint all that unique?

Most definitely! Your voiceprint is just as unique as your fingerprint -- over 100 different characteristics make up your voiceprint.

I’m worried about privacy and not sure that I like the idea of you recording my voice.

The audio that we use to create a digital presentation of your voice only works with our system. It’s also the same audio that we use in our quality assurance and training program.

How do I enroll in Voice ID?

Simply contact us and an agent can enroll you while you’re on the phone with them. Enrolment is quick and occurs in the background of your conversation. The agent can usually capture your voice on the first try, but it may take a second call.

How much does Voice ID cost?

Voice ID is a free service for our customers.

I’m enrolled in Voice ID. Why are you asking for my birth date and other security questions?

Voiceprints are very reliable, but we may need to authenticate you with other security questions from time to time. Say, for example, you’re calling from a place with a lot of background noise. If you’re enrolled in Voice ID, but we can’t authenticate you with Voice ID, we can delete the voiceprint on file and create a new one for you, as soon as you’re authenticated.

Can I get rid of my voiceprint if I don’t like this service?

Absolutely, you can opt-out of having a voiceprint at any time -- just contact us. If you change your mind, ask any agent to re-enroll you.