What is Spam Call Detect?

It’s a tool that monitors incoming calls in real time and notifies you of any suspected spam or fraud.

How does this feature notify me of suspected spam or fraud calls?

Your device’s Call Display will automatically update the incoming number with a “Likely Spam” or “Likely Fraud” warning. You may also see additional information like “Political,” “Non-profit,” “Survey” or the business name.

What language are these warnings in?

The warnings are in English everywhere except in Quebec, where they are in French. This is based on area codes, not where you are located at the time of receiving the call.

Can I update my language preferences?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to set individual language preferences for this feature.

Do I need to subscribe to any features or apps to use Spam Call Detect?

For Spam Call Detect to work, your phone plan must include Call Display and Name Display. No apps or additional downloads are required.

Why am I still receiving suspicious calls that are not displayed as “Likely Spam” or “Likely Fraud.”

This is a self-evolving analytical engine, and the accuracy will constantly improve. This service is also gradually being rolled out over the next several months, and during this time not all calls will receive the treatment.

Will there be any changes to my monthly bill?

No, there is no charge for nuisance call filtering, so there will be no changes to your monthly bill.

Can I opt out of this feature?

No, Spam Call Detect is being deployed across the Fido network and will apply automatically to all phone plans with Call Display and Name Display.

Will this feature apply to calls via third-party apps like Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, etc.?

No, this feature will not apply to calls received via third-party apps. 

What devices support this feature?

Any device that has Call Display can support this feature.

What if I have an app that already protects against spam calls?

Any existing spam screening apps will override our Spam Call Detect feature.

Can I provide feedback if a number wasn’t flagged as spam?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

I don’t have name display, what are my options?

We’ve got some great news! As part of our rollout of Spam Call Detect in 2022, we’ll also roll out the Name Display feature to everyone as well at no cost.