Roaming Charges FAQs

Where can I find roaming charges on my bill?

You’ll find them under One-time Charges and Credits in the wireless section of your bill. If you’ve got more than one mobile line on your account, there’ll be a separate wireless section for each line.

I use Fido Roam while I travel. How will I be billed for roaming between the US and another Fido Roam destination in the same calendar day?

If you travel between the US and another Fido Roam destination and use your device in both places, you’ll be billed the daily rates for that day. For example, you’ll pay $12 for roaming in the US and $15 for roaming in Germany.

Do I get charged for long-distance fees when I use Fido Roam when travelling?

If you’ve got a Canada-wide plan, then you won’t be charged long-distance fees for calls made or received within your travel destination or to Canada. Long-distance charges only apply if you make or receive a call to a country outside of your travel destination. For example, if you make a call to Germany while you’re in France, you’ll be charged long-distance fees.

If I opt out of Fido Roam, will I be billed for using my phone if I turn off Data Roaming?

You won’t be billed for incoming text messages or unanswered calls that are sent to your device. You will be billed for roaming if you send a text message or make or answer a phone call. Calling your voicemail from your wireless device will incur pay-per-use voice charges. If you prefer to keep data roaming off, use WiFi Calling to return a call or use pay-per-use rates to answer an incoming call or to check your voicemail.

Can I be charged for roaming if I only use my device on WiFi?

Some services like iMessage can work on WiFi alone but may still send a message as an SMS or MMS if an internet connection can’t be found. These messages will result in roaming charges. Similarly, settings like background app refresh, WiFi Assist, cloud-based backups or push emails can use data and result in roaming charges. If you prefer to use your device on WiFi while travelling, turn off push notifications or options to send SMS messages to avoid these charges.

Will I be billed for roaming if I use WiFi Calling to make or receive calls on airplane mode?

Using your device to make a WiFi call or send a text to a non-Canadian number while travelling will incur roaming charges, such as the Fido Roam daily fee.

If the number you’re calling or texting is outside the destination you’re roaming in, you’ll also incur long distance charges.

When using WiFi Calling, you won’t be charged for incoming calls or calls back to Canadian numbers, including checking your voicemail.

To avoid unintended charges, turn on Airplane mode and use WiFi Calling to call Canadian numbers, check your voicemail or answer incoming calls. This will ensure that you don’t unintentionally connect to a cellular network if you lose your WiFi connection.