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The FidoCARESTM Tour

The FidoCARES tour was one heck of an adventure. This summer long road trip to 37 cities and towns created great awareness for the amazing work our community investment partners do to enrich lives through dogs and the environment.

Fido provides generous support to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, St John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program, Evergreen and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

With the help of our terrific partners, we left every city with some great memories. During our trip across Canada, we

  • shook 5,146 paws
  • made 96,110 new friends (of the human variety)
  • travelled 13,260 kilometers

This is what our partners had to say about the 2012 FidoCARES tour:

“Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides was delighted to be part of the FidoCARES Tour. At Dog Guides we have always valued Fido as a terrific partner and the Tour was a wonderful opportunity to educate the public about Dog Guides and our organization.” - Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

“St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog teams have been delighted to take part in the FidoCARES tour across Canada.  In a nutshell, this tour will help us grow so we can reach out to even more people across Canada bringing comfort, joy and companionship to those that need us the most!   Thank you to Fido for providing generous support for our national program!” - St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program
“The benefits and exposure that Evergreen received by participating in the FidoCARES Tour, both in market and online, are tremendous and will help raise awareness of our organization and our programs with an audience we could not reach on our own.  The FidoCARES Tour is a good opportunity for Evergreen and we’re proud to be a part of it.” - Evergreen

“Working closely with the FidoCARES Tour, we will continue to spread our message as the only national voice representing humane societies.  We are excited for the growth and exposure of our organization through this target-focused campaign.” - Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

Thanks again for the hospitality, Canada! Hope to see you next year!

— The FidoCARES team

Evergreen, Dog Guides, St.John Ambulance, CFHS