What is Fido XTRA all about?

It's simple. Eligible Fido customers get access to new perks every Thursday with Fido XTRA, only on the Fido app.


Deals on food, apparel, gear, travel or entertainment are published every Thursday, right here in the Fido app. Some weeks, we will feature a freebie or a contest for a shot to win cool prizes. So get ready to scream TGIT with Fido XTRA.

Who gets access to Fido XTRA?

Fido Mobile and Internet customers with active postpaid accounts in good standing have access to Fido XTRA perks.

Prepaid customers and customers with a corporate plan are not eligible for Fido XTRA. Basic plans are also excluded.


In case of accounts with multiple eligible lines, each user gets their own access to Fido XTRA through the Fido app. If you’re the account holder, make sure you redeem the perk in the Fido app on your own line so you’re not using the perk of a member on your account!

Where can I access Fido XTRA?

Fido XTRA is exclusively available through the Fido My Account app via a banner on the homepage, or via the More button at the bottom of the app.  Be sure you have the latest version, available in Google Play or the App Store.


Make sure your app notifications are turned on to get weekly reminders, and sign-up to our weekly email to get a sneak peak at all the offers.

How do I redeem my perks?

Within the Fido XTRA section of the Fido app, choose the perk you want to redeem and tap through. You’ll then see more details on the perk and the steps to redeem.


Redemption methods vary for each perk.

When are new perks released?

New perks are released every Thursday, and some are only available for only a few days. So be sure to come back here to check Fido XTRA in the Fido app to ensure you never miss a great deal!

What kinds of perks can I expect to see in Fido XTRA?

Fido XTRA has 3 different kinds of perks: discounts, contests, and freebies. Check the details of each one to see how long they’re available for – some limited quantity perks run out quickly, while other offers can be available for a few months. But every week, there’s always something new! Make sure to check every Thursday so you don’t miss out.

What if I miss an offer?

If you’ve missed a perk, no sweat, new perks are right around the corner! Individual perk availability varies in length: some perks are available for only a few days and others for a few weeks.


The best way to ensure you don’t miss any great deals is to check back every Thursday when new perks are released. Make sure your app notifications are turned on to get weekly reminders, and get a sneak peak at all the offers delivered to your inbox, every week: sign-up now.

Will all locations of a merchant participate in a deal featured in Fido XTRA?

We do our best, but some merchants may have geographical limitations as well as specific franchisee locations that are not participating.  Some offers are also available online. Check the perk’s detail page for this kind of information specific to each one.

Can I share a promo code with my friends or family?

If you share a promo code with a friend, just be mindful that some promo codes are unique, so only valid for one use, and you won’t be able to use it for yourself.


The best way for your friends and family to experience Fido XTRA and great perks themselves is to become a Fido Mobile or Internet customer. They can check out our great phones and plans today!

Can I use Fido XTRA while travelling?

The perks offered in Fido XTRA are secured with merchants present in Canada. So if you’re travelling within Canada, you can redeem perks offered by merchants at their participating locations, or for online sales, request that the parcel be delivered to where you are. Some merchants have geographical limitations. Check the perk’s detail page for the information specific to each perk.

What should I do if I have an issue and cannot redeem a perk? Who should I contact?

You should first check the redemption information included in the perk details within the Fido XTRA section of the Fido app.

If you’re having issues redeeming the perk using your promo code or other redemption method from Fido XTRA, contact the merchant directly. The merchant offering the perk can assist with the redemption process. Please refer to the merchant’s customer service information in the perk details within the Fido XTRA section of the Fido app.


If you are unable to get a redemption code or you are having trouble viewing offers in the Fido app, you can contact us for support whichever way works best for you.