Travelling with Fido Phone 101

In Canada

  • Voice calls: When you travel in Canada on the Fido network, your calls will be considered local or long distance and you will not incur roaming charges. Learn more about how local and long-distance calls works.
  • Data: You can use your data services anywhere you have access to the Fido network. However this will vary depending on your device’s network compatibility. Usage is deducted from your regular data bucket.

In the U.S. or Internationally


  • Voice calls: Roaming applies any time you go off the Fido network and are using your phone while connected to a partner wireless carrier. Fido offers you great coverage and rates all over the world!.
  • Data: You can continue to use your data services anywhere there is a network supporting mobile internet (data roaming charges apply). Learn about all of the roaming options available before you leave on your trip here.