Which internet package should I get?

When choosing an internet package think about the online activities that you and your household want to enjoy on a regular basis. No need to count all your emails or websites visited — these don’t use much data. Think about your data needs for things like games, apps, music and videos.

Here are some general estimates:

  Data Use Estimates What you can do with 300 GB/month
Emails with attachments 300KB each Send/Receive 1,000 emails
Photos (high resolution) 2MB each Plus upload 2,500 photos
Music 5MB each 4-minute song or 75 MB/hour Plus download 2,500 songs
YouTube™ video streaming 5MB/minute or 300MB/hour Plus watch 100 hours of YouTube™
HD movie or sports game 5GB each Plus watch 50

When would I need an Unlimited internet package?

If everyone in your home loves to stream and binge-watch, download and share videos, leave music apps running all day, game for hours, or back up files every night to the cloud — data usage can add up quickly. If you want to stay connected online as much as you like and stream in HD without monitoring usage, an Unlimited package gives you that freedom.