Where can I view my Internet Usage?

Checking your usage is a total cinch. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. From the Overview page, choose the Internet badge or choose Internet in the Services dropdown menu.
  3. Click either the Daily Usage or Monthly Usage History tabs to get more details.

    For a quick view take a look at the circular graphic for the following data info:
    • Remaining
    • Downloaded
    • Uploaded
    • Available per month
    • Reset date

    To see how you're trending:
    • Take a look at your ups and downs with the Daily Usage graph to see when you are using more data.
    • Use the cumulative graph to see the trend of your usage as it approaches your monthly limit.

    If you need to see usage in more detail:
    • Scroll down to your Daily Breakdown.

Good to Know:

  • All graphs will turn red if you go over your data limit.
  • Use the dropdown to select and view the usage from a previous billing cycle.
  • If you go over your monthly Internet data, adjusting your plan is quick and easy. Just click the Upgrade Package button under the circular usage graph.
  • We also have handy data usage notifications to keep you informed.


Now you're ready to take control of your data usage. Yay!