Set up a Fido modem and home WiFi

You can get your new Fido modem and WiFi up and running in minutes. Whichever model you have, just follow these easy steps.

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Before you begin…

Make sure you pick the best spot for your modem:

  • Choose a central location that’s close to where you use WiFi the most.
  • Keep it visible! Avoid placing it inside or behind cabinets or furniture.
  • Maintain space from appliances, electronics and metal, concrete, or glass.
  • Keep the modem upright and elevated on a shelf or table.

Connecting your modem:

To get started, remove the modem from the protective packaging, including any plastic film that may be covering modem vents or panels.

  1. Plug your modem coax cable to a coax wall socket (the connector in the wall socket looks like a circle with a dot in it).
    • If you’re replacing your modem with a new one, you can simply disconnect the coax cable from your existing modem and connect it to the new modem (if your existing coax cable looks damaged, replace it with the new one provided).
  2. Plug your modem into a power outlet. Use the power cord provided.
  3. Your modem's indicator lights will begin to turn on. The modem will be online in a few minutes, once the @ symbol located on the front of the modem stops flashing and stays solid.

Setting up your home WiFi network

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to get started with Fido Easy Connect.

  1. Make sure that your device’s WiFi is turned on (usually through a Settings or Connections option).
  2. Connect to the EasyConnect##### network listed on the serial number sticker on the back of the modem.
    • Alternatively, you can connect your device directly to the modem using the Ethernet cable provided.
  3. Open a browser and try to access any website. You’ll be prompted to test your modem’s connection and to customize your network name and password.
    Tip: If you already have a home WiFi network name and password you’re using with your devices, you can use these for your new modem as well. If you do, your devices should automatically reconnect once set-up is complete. If they don’t, confirm the network name and password on the modem match what you entered, then try forgetting the network on that device and reconnecting again.
  4. Once set-up is complete, the modem will turn off the EasyConnect network – disconnecting your device – and enable a new network with the network name and password you entered. Simply connect your devices to that network (or let them reconnect) and browse away!
    • Note: Newer Fido modems offer band steering, so you’ll only see one network – not two separate networks – listed (you won’t see your network’s name duplicated with a ‘5G’ label). To lean more, visit FAQs about band steering.

Optional steps

Connecting directly to your modem

You can connect a gaming console or any device with an Ethernet port directly to your modem using the Ethernet cable provided.

Sharing a coax outlet

If you want to use one coax outlet for both your modem and a TV, use the coax splitter with the additional coax cable provided to connect your modem.

Customizing your network settings manually or changing a password

If you prefer to manually customize your settings instead of using Fido Easy Connect, or if you want to change the password in the future, visit Change a WiFi network name or password.