FAQs about Browser Hijacking

What’s browser hijacking?

A browser hijack is a malware program that modifies a user’s web browser settings without their permission and redirects the user to websites that they had not intended to visit. These websites are usually malicious.

How can a browser hijack affect my computer or device?

Here are the common symptoms of a browser hijack:

  • Constant redirects to unwanted websites
  • Pop-up advertisements and alerts
  • Slow loading of web pages
  • Appearance of multiple web browser toolbars that you did not install yourself

What do I do if my browser is hijacked?

Here are ways you can treat and avoid browser hijacking:

  • Update your operating system and browsers.
  • Disable JavaScript in your browsers.
  • Avoid clicking suspicious links.
  • Be careful when downloading software.
  • Install antivirus software.