How My Account Subscriber Profiles Work

What's the difference between a Subscriber and an Account Holder Profile?

When registering your Fido My Account, there are two profile types that may apply to you: Account Holder and Subscriber.

An Account Number is required for an Account Holder registration. Those with an Account Holder profile have full access to manage and view their account (view bill details, change plans/contact info and more).

Subscriber profile only requires a valid mobile phone number and is meant for additional wireless lines on the account (to view usage without ability to make changes to the account).


All Fido postpaid customers who manually self register to My Account on the website have the option of choosing a profile type. An Account Number is required for an Account Holder registration, whereas a Subscriber profile only requires a valid mobile phone number.

Self-serve transactions available to each profile type:

If you're the Account Holder, it's important you register as such in order to have full access to managing your account online. Here is what each profile type has access to:


Transaction Subscriber Profile Account Holder
View Bill No Yes
Pay Bill Yes Yes
Set Up Automatic Payments No Yes
View Payment History Yes Yes
Check Usage and Services Yes Yes
Price Plan Change No Yes
Hardware Upgrade No Yes
Update SIM Card No Yes
Change Number No Yes
Change Username (Email) Yes Yes
Change Username (Phone Number) No No
Change Password Yes Yes
Change Mobile Recovery Number Yes Yes
Unlink Facebook Account Yes Yes
Change Billing Address No Yes
Change Contact Email Address No Yes
Change Contact Phone Numbers No Yes
Change Contact Language No Yes

How to Switch from a Subscriber Profile to Primary Profile:

First, create a new Fido My Account profile:

  1. Visit our Registration Page. (If currently logged-in, log out before step 1)
  2. Select Account Holder
  3. Enter 9-digit account number and postal code
  4. Click Submit
  5. Enter email address to use as your profile username. (You can use the same email as you used for subscriber profile)
  6. A verification email will be sent to you
  7. Click Set Password button in the email. (Enter new password)
  8. Then Click Continue, and you’re done!

Your old subscriber profile will be deleted if you use the same email address for your new account holder profile. Otherwise, it will remain active.


To learn more, check out this article on how to register for Fido My Account.