Fido Gift Card

Image of a Fido Gift Card

How do Fido gift cards work?

Use your Fido gift card to purchase or redeemed for products and services at select Fido stores. You can use any amount available on your balance. There is no obligation to use the full amount. Your Fido gift card never expires.

Note: Fido gift cards can’t be used to make payments toward a credit account (e.g. Fido Mastercard).

Can I use my gift card to pay my Fido bill?

Yes. You can use your gift card to pay your bill or make a partial payment.

Can I replace my lost or stolen gift card?

Unfortunately, we don’t replace lost, stolen or unauthorized gift cards. Please treat your gift card like cash.

Can I exchange or redeem my Fido gift cards for cash?

No, gift cards can’t be exchanged or redeemed for cash.

Can I use my gift card for Fido mobile purchases?

Yes. You can make Fido mobile purchases at select Fido stores with your gift card, including new phones and accessories.