Check Account Balance

There are 3 ways that you can check your current account balance:

  1. Log in to My Account on Fido.ca
  2. Use the Fido My Account app
  3. Dial *28 from your mobile phone (Interactive Voice Response system)

You may find that your account balance is different than the amount due on your bill. Here are some reasons why:

  • The account balance includes any payments, credits or adjustments made on an account since your last bill, while the amount due on the last bill shows your balance owing on a specific bill date.
  • If you make a payment, your account balance will update once the payment is processed (within 48 hours). Since the amount due is just a snapshot of your balance owing, it won’t change.

Within My Account – either online or through the app – you can find your Bank Payment ID number to make a payment or confirm a payment you recently made.

Fido.ca My Account

  1. My Account
  2. Select Overview from the navigation bar, or
  3. Select Billing & Payments > View bill from the navigation bar
  4. The amount due is located on the Bill Summary section of the online bill under “My Bill”. On the paper/pdf bill, you can find the amount due on first the page.

To find your Bank Payment ID number, go to the Billing & Payment tab, select Make a payment and then Pay through your bank You can also find your Bank Payment ID on the paper/pdf bill on the top.

My Account app:

View your account balance from the Overview or Billing & Payment sections.

Want to know more? Check out how to use the My Account app


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system:

  • Dial *28 on your Fido phone.
  • Call 1 888 481-3436 from any other phone and press * for our self-service menu.