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Offers subject to change without notice.

Tab24 corresponds to the Fido Agreement described in your agreement. Tab24 balance corresponds to sum of Device savings recovery fee and/or service deactivation fee stated in your agreement.

Price shown with new activation of a Standard, Smart or Max plan (as indicated) on a 2-year Tab24 agreement. Taxes extra.

Device Savings Recovery Fee (applicable to Term Services only).

A Device Savings Recovery Fee (DSRF) applies if you were given an economic inducement when you agreed to your new term, and if, for any reason, your service or your new term is terminated prior to the end of the term of your Agreement (Fido Agreement Term). The DSRF is equal to the economic inducement multiplied by the number of months remaining in your Fido Agreement Term divided by the total number of months of your Fido Agreement Term (plus applicable taxes).
In other words, DSRF = Economic Inducement x # months left in your Fido Agreement Term ÷ Total # months in your Fido Agreement Term + applicable taxes.

An Additional Device Savings Recovery Fee (ADSRF) also applies if, for any reason, your data option, or your data option's commitment term (Data Term), is terminated prior to the end of your Data Term. The ADSRF is based on the additional Economic Inducement you received for subscribing to your data option, is calculated using the same formula used to calculate the DSRF (but substituting Economic Inducement with Additional Economic Inducement and Fido Agreement Term with Data Term), and applies in addition to the DSRF for termination of your Agreement. If you subscribe to a plan combining both voice and data services, both the DSRF and the ADSRF apply.