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Stay connected with the All-In-One Prepaid kit Starting as low as $15 per month Great Deal on By the Year Plan

By the Month

$ 39 75 $ 49 75
  • Unlimited local anytime minutes
  • Unlimited local evenings and weekends
  • Unlimited outgoing text messages
  • Unlimited incoming text messages
  • Unlimited Canadian, U.S. or International Text messages
  • Voice Messaging, Call Display and Call Waiting

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$ 35 75
  • Unlimited local evenings and weekends
  • Unlimited local incoming calls
  • Unlimited outgoing text messages
  • Unlimited International text messages
  • Unlimited incoming text messages
  • 100 local day time minutes
  • Voice Messaging, Call Display and Call Waiting
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By the Day

$ 1 Talk more for less with our $1 daily plans /day
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By the Minute

40 ¢ Any time of day /minute
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Applies to all prepaid plans and rates: Prepaid airtime is billed by the minute and is applicable to local calls only (excludes calls made through Call Forwarding, Video Calling or similar services). Airtime and long distance charges may apply for some services. A partial day counts as an entire day with fixed per-day rates. $10, $20 and $30 vouchers provide access to the network for up to 30 days from date added to the account; $50 vouchers for up to 60 days; $100 vouchers for up to 365 days.

Sent from Canada on the Fido network. Sent/received premium texts (alerts, messages related to content and promotions) and texts sent while roaming not included and charged at applicable rates.

All plans valid for one-month periods. If your account does not have sufficient funds to pay the monthly fee of the prepaid plan for the following month at the end of any given month, a 30¢/min rate will apply to the $10 plan, a 35¢/min rate will apply to the $25 and $35 plans and a 40¢/min rate will apply to the $39 plan. *CityFido PREPAID available in the following areas: Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, London, Toronto, Ottawa/Gatineau, Montréal and Québec City.

Local airtime minutes within your CityFido zone only; airtime used for calls made & received outside your CityFido zone costs 40¢/min. Long distance charges of 40¢/min may apply and are determined based on local calling area, not CityFido zone;

Subject to Fido Terms and Conditions & Acceptable Use Policy; Offers subject to change without notice.

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